Although it is not illegal to fit a stove without a chimney liner, more often than not it is deemed unsafe to do so.

Building regulations do not insist that you fit a chimney liner. If a chimney can be proven sound (using a set smoke test procedure), AND is of a diameter suitable for the stove, AND the stove-fitter can connect to the chimney in a way that satisfies the regulations, AND the end result is that the stove draws within the parameters laid down by the stove manufacturer, AND it can be swept, AND every building regulation is followed then you do not have to fit a chimney liner. For this reason we would recommend a chimney liner in the majority of cases. This is for your own safety, the safety of your neighbours and to help preserve the integrity of the chimney and your property as a whole.

A good quality liner should last you a long time; the grade of liner we usually  use is guaranteed for 20 years, so it should be considered an investment into the safety of your family and your property, rather than an expensive inconvenience.

Possible consequences of not lining your chimney;

1. If the chimney is not in sound condition then smoke and carbon monoxide can travel into your (or next door’s) property and it can and does kill.

2. Hot air (smoke) rises because it is hot – cool it down and it will slow, stop or sink. It does not rise well in cold chimneys. The smoke can deposit tar and condensation which can damage your property. In brick/stone chimneys tar eventually bleeds through the mortar into the house, staining wall papers etc. and is almost impossible to do anything about. If smoke slows down too much then your stove will perform poorly and smoke can exit out of stove doors, giving off dangerous gases.

3. A chimney fire is more likely if you do not fit a chimney liner.  Although unlikely, if a fire was to break out in your LINED chimney then the fire would be contained within the metal tube and be far easier to extinguish.

For more information on this and to see the potential hazards of an unlined chimney, please read through the article below;


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